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boston globe magazine
August 21, 2011

The Makeover Issue

Plus tips from the pros

Share your story: Where were you
on September 11, 2001?

For publication in the Globe Magazine's 9/11 issue, we'd like to know where you were and what you did when you first learned of the terrorist attacks.


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Issue highlights

coupling: stories about relationships

Hello, 13

Bumping into a childhood crush brings adolescent intensity rushing back.
dinner with cupid

Basic biology

But will these two daters have any chemistry?
Miss Conduct

A pet cause

Keeping a party from going to the dogs, plus the spouse who wouldn't slow down.

Sea smarts

Lessons learned from "Moby-Dick."
  • August 21, 2011 cover
  • August 21, 2011 cover
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More in this issue

Lingering questions

Lingering questions

Is it possible for a child's death to be deemed a success?
Bully pulpit
First Person

Bully pulpit

In her new anthology, Swampscott author Megan Kelley Hall, 37, has a message for bullies – and bystanders.
peach dessert

A little Italy

Four classic peach desserts, plus a new play on bruschetta.
Tales From the City
High-def happy
Life in HD, and a cat that bites.
On the Block
The play's the thing
Three homes with deluxe treehouses.
Style Watch | Photos
Rainbow room
If you want to capture someone's attention, wear a bright color.
Letters to the Globe Magazine editor
Readers write in about the creators of the Keurig coffee maker and getting greener.

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Steve Carrell

Kickin' back with Steve Carell in Marshfield

This summer, the star returns to Massachusetts for some much-needed R & R.
James Reeb

Letter from Selma

Revisiting the 1965 murder of a white Boston minister that helped usher in the Voting Rights Act.
Home-birth battle

Home-birth battle

Massachusetts doesn't regulate midwives. Now one brave – and unlikely – advocate is fighting for change.
Your Home: Solutions for small spaces

Your Home: Solutions for small spaces

The professionals share space-saving tips for every room in your home.