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July 17, 2011
FBI reopens civil rights-era cold case, painful past (Photograph by Frank H. Hill/Globe file)

Letter from Selma

The 1965 murder of a white Boston minister helped usher in the Voting Rights Act and left lasting scars on this Alabama city. Then the FBI reopened the case and the painful past came flooding back.

Issue highlights

coupling: stories about relationships

Saying 'I do' to the family

When it comes to handling our relatives, my new husband and I tag-team it.
dinner with cupid

Candid camera

Will this photographer click with his fashion plate date?
Miss Conduct

They said what?

How to respond to rude questions, plus explaining the rules of the open house road.

Strange hue

Color me baffled by this paint choice.
  • July 17, 2011 cover
  • July 17, 2011 cover
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Blueberry fields forever

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Rebel sell
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Holyoke's Andy Laties, 51, argues that now is the perfect time to open an independent bookshop (yes, really).
Bold and beautiful
Memorable sauces for grilling salmon.
Tales From the City
The meter fairy
Kindness at the parking meter and a boatride with the grandparents.
On the Block
Escape from the Cape
There's more than one way to get sand between your toes.
Style Watch | Photos
Sea creature-themed accessories for you and your home.
Letters to Boston Globe Magazine
Readers sound off on the Your Home issue and Tales From the City.

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James Reeb

Letter from Selma

Revisiting the 1965 murder of a white Boston minister that helped usher in the Voting Rights Act.
Home-birth battle

Home-birth battle

Massachusetts doesn't regulate midwives. Now one brave – and unlikely – advocate is fighting for change.
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