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April 10, 2011
MIT physicist Samuel Ting's space odyssey (Photograph by Ben Cooper)

Samuel Ting's space odyssey

A long time ago, in a university not far away, this MIT physicist hatched a plan for a bold experiment in space. Now, $1.5 billion and nearly two decades later, it’s finally time for one last adventure: Unlocking the deepest mysteries of the universe.

Issue highlights

coupling: stories about relationships

A very long engagement

A decade after he proposed, we're finally tying the knot.
dinner with cupid

Repeat offender

He aced Cupid once before, so why is this guy back for more?
Miss Conduct

E-mail fail

Lured away from dinner by messages on the computer, plus why not to overpay your nanny.

Bad hair day

I'll take a pass on this '60s flashback.
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Tim Wakefield

The Knuckler takes a curveball

In the midst of a locker room celebration, a Red Sox pitcher gets an unexpected call.
A look back at professional baseball's longest game
Henri A. Termeer

Going out on top

As Genzyme is sold, its longtime CEO reflects on building – and leaving – a biotech pioneer.
Ashley Judd
First Person

Acing activism

New author Ashley Judd, 42, talks about Harvard and other inspirations.
The ocean plate
A Rhode Island menu.
Tales From the City
Rough waters
Some good-natured ribbing for a young Sox fan in New York, and a child sizes up dinner.
On the Block
Class dismissed
These homes are all former schoolhouses.
Style Watch
High society
Toasting fashions of the cocktail hour.
Letters to Globe Magazine
Readers reflect on Charles P. Pierce’s piece on Ryan Westmoreland and “When a Half-Truth Is the Best Medicine.”

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Steve Carrell

Kickin' back with Steve Carell in Marshfield

This summer, the star returns to Massachusetts for some much-needed R & R.
James Reeb

Letter from Selma

Revisiting the 1965 murder of a white Boston minister that helped usher in the Voting Rights Act.
Home-birth battle

Home-birth battle

Massachusetts doesn't regulate midwives. Now one brave – and unlikely – advocate is fighting for change.
Your Home: Solutions for small spaces

Your Home: Solutions for small spaces

The professionals share space-saving tips for every room in your home.