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November 1, 2009
Why an iPhone could actually be good for your 3-year-old (Photograph by Joel Benjamin)

Why iPhones could actually be good for kids

Parents who hand smart phones to their preschoolers as a distraction are shocked to see how quickly the kids become pros. They may worry about such early screen time. But for this generation of “mobile kids,” portable, wireless technology promises to improve the way they learn.
Video What happens when you hand a 3-year-old an iPhone?

Issue highlights

coupling: stories about relationships

Lots of frogs

I decided to date as many men as I possibly could. Would it lead me to my prince?
dinner with cupid

In the name of love

She’s a U2 fan. Him, not so much. Will they find what they’re looking for?
miss conduct's ettiquette column

Hasty goodbyes

How to stop making phony phone farewells, plus changing gift-giving traditions.
pierced column

Unhealthy position

Charlie Baker’s job could haunt him.
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Pimp your toilet?

Pimp your toilet?

Housekeeping - and hygiene - on the cutting edge.
Electric dreams

Electric dreams

One Cambridge company has built its success on Kindle. But can it stave off competitors and make good on its vision of revolutionizing everything from credit cards to clothing?
For your ears only

For your ears only

When it comes to keeping your music personal, do you use cups or buds? Are you a “can” man -- with padded headphones covering your ears -- or a Newbury Street fashionista, with a flair for earbuds in snazzy prints? We tapped three local audiophiles for some personal favorites.

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What’s the big deal about Twitter? Let the gurus break it down for you.
My profile, myself
Why must I and everyone else on Facebook be so insufferably happy?
First Person
Her story
Through her website,, 21-year-old film student and Littleton native Lauren Tracy today is launching a “Best Female Directed Feature Film” contest.
America’s sweet tart
A menu based on versatile, delicious apple cider.
Kitchen Aide A toast to the apple
Tales from the City
The singer...
A post-game singalong, and a child inspired by song.
On the Block
Keep summer going
The indoor pools in these homes offer year-round recreation.
Fashion snapshot
Splice is right
Strategically placed lines have a queue of devotees.
For players
Designers create rooms where imaginations can run wild.
Parenting Traps
Bragging rights
How much boasting is too much?
Letters to the Magazine editor
Our cover story on Harvard hockey received cheers and jeers. We also heard about stemming prostitution and understanding Asperger’s.

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Revisiting the 1965 murder of a white Boston minister that helped usher in the Voting Rights Act.
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