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August 16, 2009
The video store’s last stand (Webb Chappell)

The video store’s last stand

Amid the dominance of Netflix, the convenience of on demand, and the dreariness of this economy, a local independent shop hangs tough. Why does it matter? A Globe film critic -- himself a former video-store clerk -- explains.


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Issue highlights

coupling: stories about relationships

The book of love

When I was 63, I fell in love with a special man -- and his memoir.
dinner with cupid

Painting the town

She’s attractive, he’s charming. An artist and photographer hang.
miss conduct's ettiquette column

Do I need a chill pill

My fiance suggests I learn to be more relaxed, plus participating in religious rituals.
pierced column

Party of one?

Our treasurer’s recent switch will cost him.
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  • august 16 globe magazine cover
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Tales from the City
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Letters to the Magazine editor
Whether readers were angered or tickled, there was no shortage of responses to Jennifer Graham’s essay about diehard boomers.

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