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May 10, 2009

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April 26 Ode to an Alien
April 19 RemDawg
In Nan They Trust

In Nan They Trust

Thanks to a brutal recession and Bernie Madoff, the job of a financial adviser is about playing psychologist, reassuring depressed and skittish investors, and, oh yes, saving them from financial ruin.
Curley's Sorrow

Curley's Sorrow

When two men murdered his 10-year-old son, Bob Curley led the cries for vengeance — and for the revival of the death penalty in the state. Much later, though, he’d have a change of heart.
All Dolled Up

All Dolled Up

How does the American Girl dolls franchise stay a juggernaut in this economy?
In Fenway, Frustration Brews

In Fenway, Frustration Brews

A beer policy treats first-class fans like second-class citizens.
Miss Conduct

Bride Says Zip It

She's heard enough from inquiring minds, plus "mortifying" party invitations.
Are You Lonely Tonight?

Are You Lonely Tonight?

Until I find my lasting love, I'm learning to be satisfied with a party of one.

Made With Love

Easy breakfast dishes, special enough to mark Mother's Day.
Modern, Naturally

Modern, Naturally

A steel-and-glass prefab home connects to the outdoors.
A Little Company
Dinner with Cupid

A Little Company

It doesn't help matters when the outside world joins in.
Parenting Traps

Is Wii Time Us Time?

Video games may rot the brain, but I'll take what I can get with my near-tween daughter.
Fashion Snapshot

Glow Getters

Metallic fashions brighten your look.
Welcome Message
First Person

Welcome Message

Boston Muslims opened New England's largest mosque in September. MIT grad Bilal Kaleem, 28, executive director of the Muslim American Society of Boston, takes us inside.
Spots for Skippers
On the Block

Spots for Skippers

The water's callling. These condos are all near sailing centers.
Tales from the City

Special Delivery


First Friend

Nice call, Obama girls, on your dog's name.
Letters to the Magazine Editor

Knowing Jerry