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We want this issue to be like a great cocktail-party conversation. "Are you going to O Ya for dinner? Try the foie gras sushi." Or "I took my parents on the African-American Patriots walking tour, and they loved it." Or "Have you finished reading Junot Diaz's novel?" This year, our biggest-ever Best of the New issue includes 105 picks in four categories: Food, People & Ideas, Diversions, and Shopping. Think we missed something? Send us an e-mail, or jump into a conversation with fellow readers on our message board.


Cosmo Funtiques
This Watertown store has vintage toys, furnishings and advertisements.
STIX Restaurant & Lounge
This Boston restaurant serves food on wooden skewers that are infused with flavor.
First Date Boutique
Sisters Keri and Brianne Barrett have divided their Andover boutique into four first-date-related sections.
It takes something big to get noticed on Newbury Street, but that's what you get at this spa and salon.

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Best Of The New Contributors: Geoff Edgers, Devra First, Elizabeth Gehrman, Stephen Jermanok, Jeffrey Krasner, Christie Matheson, Cate McQuaid, Mark Micheli, Doug Most, Anne V. Nelson, Colin Nickerson, Keith O'Brien, Janice O'Leary, Michael Paulson, Jenna Pelletier, Jason Pontin, Molly Jane Quinn, Jennifer Schwartz, Brendan Stephens, Tina Sutton, Rachel Travers, Liza Weisstuch, and June Wulff