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Tattoo you, Netters

Posted by Joshua Glenn  March 17, 2008 11:11 AM

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A few readers emailed to ask whether famous Netters (born between 1974 and 1983) are really as heavily inked as I've claimed. I spent some not entirely unpleasant hours this morning doing research into this question, and have thoroughly vindicated my claim. See below.

PS: I skipped a dozen or more Netter celebs who merely had a couple of tattoos; sorry about that, Orlando, Usher, Anna K., Jessica, and Sarah Michelle! Maybe next time.

Angelina Jolie (1975)

Tattoos: Gothic script "Know Your Rights" between shoulder blades; Buddhist Pali incantation written in Khmer script on left shoulder blade -- covering up previous tatoo; "Strength of Will" Arabic script tattoo on right arm -- covering up previous tattoo; "XIII V MCMXL" (date of famous Winston Churchill speech) on her left underarm; Tennessee Williams quote ("A prayer for the wild at heart, kept in cages") on left arm; cross tattoo and Latin phrase ("Quod me nutrit me destruit", meaning "What nourishes me, destroys me") on stomach -- covering up previous tattoo; rune style tattoo (the letter H) on left wrist; longitudes and latitudes of the locations where her children first entered her life, on upper left arm -- covering up previous tattoo; 12-inch long, 8-inch wide Bengal tiger tattoo on lower back -- covering up two previous tattoos; various removed tattoos, including a tattoo in the pubic area referring to Billy Bob Thornton.

Pink (1979)

Tattoos: shooting star and angel on back of left shoulder; "What goes around comes around" on right wrist; "tru luv" a little higher up; tattoos on upper left thigh: "Mr. Pink", oriental style dragon; cartoon cat on lower stomach; barcode from album "Missundaztood" just below hairline at back of neck; frog on left foot; kanji for luck/happiness on right ankle; infinity sign on hip; red star on hand; dad and brother's army dog tags on left foot; portrait of her dog Elvis; several others.

Steve-O (1974)

Tattoos: Over 25 "dumb" tattoos, each one of them intended to get a laugh. They include: parodies of Angelina Jolie's tattoos (including the name "Billy Bob," in Gothic script); the phrase "I have a small weiner," on arm; and a giant self-portrait, complete with signature, on back.

50 Cent (1975)

Tattoos: "Love & Hate" on lower stomach; heads of Jesus and Satan on lower stomach; "Beau" (grandmother's name) on neck; axe with "Marquise" (son) and "Warrior" on right biceps; "Sabrina" (mother) and "Ghetto Angel" on right lower arm; angel on shoulder; "50" on left biceps; crucifix and "God understands me" on left lower arm; "G-Unit" on right hand; giant "50" on center of back; "South Side," "Gangsta," "Cold World," and "G-Unit" also on back; others.

Christina Ricci (1980)

Tattoos: lion on right shoulder blade (a reference to "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe"); fairy on the inside of right wrist; praying hands on left hip; a bouquet of sweetpeas on lower back; "Move or Bleed" on the left side of ribcage; "Jack" (a dead pet) on right thigh; a sparrow on right breast; a mermaid on left ankle. Unconfirmed: two red stars, plus "I'm the toughest girl I know" in script, under right breast.


[more after jump]

David Beckham (1975)

Tattoos: Gothic-style "Brooklyn" (son's name) across lower back; Gothic-style "Romeo" (son) above crucifixion/guardian angel on upper back & "Cruz" (son) underneath; "Victoria" (wife) in Hindi, supposedly misspelled, plus "Ut Amem Et Foveam" ("So that I love and cherish"), lower back; Roman numeral VII (7 was his Man United jersey number), underside right arm; seven-inch image of Victoria, naked, lying on her back surrounded by stars, on left arm; Hebrew text, from the Song of Songs, "I am my beloved's, and my beloved is mine"; "Perfectio in Spiritu" ("spiritual perfection"), right forearm; angel, plus "In the face of adversity," right shoulder and bicep; winged cross, back of neck; many others.

Victoria Beckham (1974)

Tattoos: David Beckham's initials on left wrist; five stars representing herself, her three sons, and her husband, on lower back; Hebrew text, from the Song of Songs, "I am my beloved's, and my beloved is mine," on neck and upper back; others.

Christina Aguilera (1980)

Tattoos: "Xtina" on back of neck; flower on left wrist; design on inside left forearm; Hebrew text (I am my beloved's, and my beloved is mine"), on small of back; unknown tattoo just below bikini line; others.

Justin Timberlake (1981)

Tattoos: Initials on ankles; cross on left shoulder; large angel with "Guardian" on back; others.

Drew Barrymore (1975)

Tattoos: large cross on ankle; butterfly under belly button; angels on back; blue moon with smile, plus star at tip, on right foot; flowers on left hip bone.

Lil Wayne (1980)

Tattoos: Couldn't find a description anywhere. I'm not the only one interested. The internets are replete with questions like this one: "what does lil wayne's tat on the left side of his back say??!?! anyone?" Lil Wayne, please let your fans know.

Nicole Richie (1981)

Tattoos: rosary beads and cross on ankle and foot; angel wings on shoulder blades; "Richie," plus red bow and ribbon, on back of neck; tiara on hip; red shooting star on right wrist; "Virgin" on left wrist; ballerina slippers on abdomen; cross on lower back; dots on finger; others.

Britney Spears (1981)

Tattoos: fairy on lower back; daisy circling second toe on right foot; butterfly leaving a vine on left foot; lower with Chinese symbol for mystery on lower stomach; three Hebrew characters on back of neck; pair of pink dice inside left wrist (changed); small star on right hand; red and pink lips on wrist; black, white, and pink cross on lower hip; others?

Tiffani Amber Thiessen (1974)

Tattoos: flower on back; angel on ankle; small green heart on stomach; sunflower just above panty line; possibly others.

Amy Winehouse (1983)

Tattoos: winged ankh on back; feather on left forearm; lightning bolt on right forearm; several pin up girls; "Hello Sailor" plus anchor, on stomach; others.

Robbie Williams (1974)

Tattoos: Maori design on left arm; Celtic cross on right hip; lion with "Born to be Mild" under it, and "Elvis, Grant Me Serenity" above it. on right arm; musical notes and Beatles lyrics on small of back; saint holding cross with name "Jack Farrel" (his grandfather) under it, inside right arm; "Mother" on outside of same arm; "Chacun A Son Gout" on chest; others.

Suicide Girls

The whole point of the Suicide Girls -- founded by Netters -- is that they're tattooed.

ALSO: Lindsay Lohan ( a flower and a ladybug on the back of her neck, a Sanskrit character for lotus flower on her wrist, and a bow tattoo on the small of her back); Jessica Alba (a flower and a ladybug on the back of her neck, a Sanskrit character for lotus flower on her wrist, and a bow tattoo on the small of her back); Bam Margera (heart-a-gram symbol on his lower stomach, a large tattoo design on his right side, large portrait on his right shoulder (done by Kat Von D), a large razorblade under his left arm and several others); Travis Barker (a large checkered-flag design on both sides of his neck, a large banner inscribed with "Can I Say" across his collar bones, the outlines of nude women on opposite sides of his upper chest, a large "Boom Box" radio on his stomach, a large design on his mid-lower back, both arms sleeved - meaning that they are covered in tattoo designs for their entire length - (one arm contains a Virgin Mary dedicated to his mother), his left leg has a logo from a Descendents album, many other tattoos); Kelis (a saying on her right wrist, a butterfly on her stomach, a Kanji symbol on her right calf, and a large Japanese inspired design that runs from her buttocks, up her back all the way to the shoulder); many others.

NB: Descriptions of celeb tattoos were adapted from various celeb tattoo sites.

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4 comments so far...
  1. I like lil wayne, Christina Aguilera,Amy Winehouse, and 50 CENTS Tattoo.

    Posted by Kina Simon December 15, 08 01:07 PM
  1. Victoria beckhams his hot - im so getting my fiance's name down my back like that.... I think that'll be a Valentines Day gift that will really turn him on ;)

    Posted by Amy January 18, 09 08:56 PM
  1. on a scale of 1-10 how much did your first tattoo hurt?....be honest!!

    Posted by chelsea November 23, 09 11:36 PM
  1. lil wayne is so cute.that is my boo. i like all his tattoo.

    Posted by LIL MAMA December 15, 09 10:41 AM
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