Scot Lehigh

Scot Lehigh

Wednesday and Friday in the Globe, and a Web-only column on the second Thursday of every month.
Scot Lehigh has been a Boston Globe columnist since 2001. Lehigh, who graduated magna cum laude from Colby College in 1980, also has a master's degree from the University of Massachusetts at Boston. He has covered state and national politics since 1985. Lehigh came to the Globe in 1989 from the Boston Phoenix, where he was a finalist for a Pulitzer Prize in national reporting for his coverage of the 1988 presidential campaign. Before becoming a Globe columnist, he covered the 1992 presidential campaign as an on-the-plane reporter, and wrote about the 1996 and 2000 campaigns as the paper's Focus writer. He also spent more than a decade as the host of Final Edition, a local (Cable) TV talk show.
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