A vigorous fist-bump of tea cups — crash!

March 29, 2010

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ISN’T CHRISTEN Varley, president of the Greater Boston Tea Party, guilty of the same thing she accuses the administration of? She says she is working to correct the incorrect beliefs and actions of the left’s political elite (“The Tea Party on democracy: It’s not broken, but it needs a tuneup,’’ Letters, March 24).

I’m a working-class person. I have no college degree. I campaigned for and voted for Mike Capuano, John Kerry, and Barack Obama. My reasons included a hope that they would carry out many of the actions that are being carried out now.

I’m getting pretty weary of hearing that Varley and her party are the voice of the real American people. I’m a real American person, and so are the millions of other Americans who gave Obama such a clear majority.

I’m in favor of reforming our health care system. I’m also in favor of political reform, and I sure don’t like Varley’s condescending tone in implying that I, and many who agree with me, are just simply not in touch with the way the country’s supposed to be. I believe that is a matter of differing views, and I believe that a society that functions while accommodating differing views is what is at the heart of democracy.

I want Varley to know that I’m angry too, and though I’m weary of being talked down to, I’m not tired and I’m not going away. I think it might be she who’s something of an elitist.

Margaret Ann Brady

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