Air Force One photo op is a flop

April 30, 2009
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I HAVE another take on the Air Force One photo op fiasco ("Flight over NYC stirs up outrage," Page A8, April 29).

We should demand a full accounting of the costs to the American taxpayer from Louis Caldera, director of the White House military office. Fuel burned for a 747 and a fighter performing aerial maneuvers for a couple of hours would be very significant. Next consider the crew salaries and maintenance costs for both aircraft. These are but a few of the costs that should have been considered before authorizing this "mission." Factor in the lost productivity from thousands of panicked New York City workers, and we bought ourselves one very expensive photograph of an airplane.

My company has been forced to shut down production lines, lay off workers, and require mandatory furloughs for the survivors during this economic crisis. Regular people are hurting, while our government continues to spend like mad. We are aware of this waste only because of the reaction it created. How many similar moves happen every day without making headlines?

If none of these photos are good enough for Caldera, I would be delighted to Photoshop Air Force One with the Statue of Liberty for a measly hundred bucks.

Wayne MacKenzie

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