August 13, 2011

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Bob Ryan's blog
George Kimball was truly one of a kind
By Bob Ryan, Globe Columnist George Kimball, who died Wednesday at age 67, was an undeniably great writer, and I do not use that adjective...
Political Intelligence
Romney defends ‘corporations are people’ remark
At a friendly Republican gathering here last night, presidential candidate Mitt Romney defended his recent comment in Iowa that “corporations are people” and said Democrats fundamentally misunderstand corporations’ makeup.
YT: Budget Blues
Patrick signs law changing labor union role in health care plans for cities and towns
By Noah Bierman, Globe Staff House Speaker Robert A. DeLeo...
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Lantigua recall
drive falls far short

A jubilant Mayor William Lantigua celebrated yesterday as an effort to force him from office failed by more than 800 voter signatures, handing him a victory as he faces federal and state investigations into his administration. (By Maria Sacchetti and Ben Wolford and L. Finch, Globe Staff | Globe Correspondents)

From job to job to job, a building anxiety

After years of rampant unemployment, the Boston area construction industry is showing signs of life. But the work arrives in fits and starts and is so fleeting it’s hardly enough to live on. (By Taryn Luna, Globe Correspondent)

Market madness drives
some to the glitter of gold

A growing number of investors are turning toward one of the oldest and most trusted hard currencies - gold - in the face of plunging stock markets, debt crises, and economic uncertainty. (By Todd Wallack, Globe Staff)

Appeals court rejects health law mandate

An Appeals Court panel struck down as unconstitutional the national health care law mandate that nearly every American buy insurance, the most prominent rejection yet of the key element of President Obama’s signature achievement. (By Donovan Slack, Globe Staff)

A sober lesson that seems to stick

A question that has vexed college administrators since John Belushi shambled on screen in “Animal House’’ - what to do about heavy drinking by students - may have a new answer. (By Mary Carmichael, Globe Staff)


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