July 31, 2011

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Bob Ryan's blog
George Kimball was truly one of a kind
By Bob Ryan, Globe Columnist George Kimball, who died Wednesday at age 67, was an undeniably great writer, and I do not use that adjective...
Political Intelligence
Most GOP senators blast Reid’s plan
Most GOP Senators – but not Scott P. Brown or two other New England Republicans – have signed onto a letter saying they will vote against a debt limit proposal from Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid that faces a crucial vote early tomorrow morning.
YT: Budget Blues
Patrick signs law changing labor union role in health care plans for cities and towns
By Noah Bierman, Globe Staff House Speaker Robert A. DeLeo...
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Crossfire, and hints
of compromise

Facing an imminent deadline to raise the debt ceiling and avert default, leaders of the opposing parties appeared to spend more time blasting each other than working on a deal, until late-night negotiations at the White House opened up the prospect of a compromise.
(By Donovan Slack and Theo Emery, Globe Staff)

Law is murky on whether
Obama can act on his own

With just days until the nation hits its debt limit, rattling the American economy, President Obama is under mounting pressure from some members of his own party to invoke an obscure provision that they say would allow him to unilaterally raise the debt limit.
(By Michael Levenson, Globe Staff)

A game with a windfall for a knowing few

Because of a quirk in the rules, when the Cash WinFall jackpot reaches roughly $2 million and no one wins, payoffs for smaller prizes swell dramatically, which statisticians say practically assures a profit to anyone who buys at least $100,000 worth of tickets.
(By Andrea Estes and Scott Allen, Globe Staff)

Putting the brakes on speeding tickets

The number of speeding tickets handed out across the state has sharply declined, dropping by more than one-third since 2008, as budget-crunched police departments scaled back traffic details to focus on crime. (By Peter Schworm, Globe Staff)


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