July 21, 2011

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Bob Ryan's blog
George Kimball was truly one of a kind
By Bob Ryan, Globe Columnist George Kimball, who died Wednesday at age 67, was an undeniably great writer, and I do not use that adjective...
Political Intelligence
Bachmann moves quickly to still potential campaign deathknell
Questions about a potential president’s mental fitness broaches exceedingly dangerous political ground, which helps explain Michelle Bachmann’s aggressive response to a report the Republican White House contender suffers from debilitating migraine headaches.
YT: Budget Blues
Patrick signs law changing labor union role in health care plans for cities and towns
By Noah Bierman, Globe Staff House Speaker Robert A. DeLeo...
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4 lose jobs in pool death

Four people have lost their jobs after investigations into a drowning in a state-run pool concluded that their inaction led to the death of a Fall River woman whose body lay concealed by cloudy water in the deep end for two days, officials said. (By Ben Wolford, Globe Correspondent)

A jobs pinch for the ages

A growing number of older Americans are working past their traditional retirement age, and in doing so, reducing opportunities for younger workers in a difficult job market, according to a study by Commonwealth Corp., the state’s quasi-public workforce development agency. (By Megan Woolhouse, Globe Staff)

President pushes wide deal on debt

President Obama and some leaders in Congress said yesterday they planned to forge ahead with the challenging task of striking a broad, bipartisan deal to raise the national debt ceiling. (By Matt Viser, Globe Staff)

Patrick backs illegal immigrants on tuition

Governor Patrick, just weeks after defying federal immigration officials over their controversial Secure Communities program, unexpectedly appeared at a packed State House hearing to urge lawmakers to let illegal immigrants pay the reduced resident rate at state colleges and universities. (By Maria Sacchetti, Globe Staff)

Myra Kraft, paragon of giving, dies

Myra Hiatt Kraft, who surrendered much of her privacy as a daughter and a spouse in families led by powerful men, then turned that sacrifice into a philanthropic tool for public good, died in her Brookline home of cancer yesterday. She was 68. (By Bryan Marquard, Globe Staff)


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