May 9, 2011

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Bob Ryan's blog
No need to panic over Celtics
By Bob Ryan, Globe Columnist MIAMI -- The Miami Heat opened up their playoff series vs. the Celtics with a sound, intelligent, well-executed performance. Now...
Political Intelligence
Brown sees how a senator's words carry special potency
Tom Rettig / Worcester Telegram & Gazette An aide to Scott Brown and a State Police trooper await the Republican senator and Governor Deval...
YT: Budget Blues
Mass. tax collections up 43 percent in April
Associated Press BOSTON—Massachusetts revenue officials say a surprisingly large increase...
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Menino wants to
regulate cable rate

Angered by repeated rate hikes, Mayor Thomas M. Menino will file an emergency petition today with the federal government seeking authority to regulate the cost of basic cable in Boston for the first time in a decade. (By Andrew Ryan, Globe Staff)

Harvard connection
plays in Canadian’s loss

Michael Ignatieff, a former Harvard professor, led the Liberal Party in Canada to its worst-ever defeat, a crushing loss to the Conservative Party. His tenure at the university was used as a cudgel against him in the campaign. (By Michael Levenson, Globe Staff)

Bin Laden had support
in Pakistan, Obama says

Osama bin Laden benefited from “some sort of support network’’ inside Pakistan, although the United States has not determined whether Pakistan’s intelligence, military, or political establishment knew about the Al Qaeda leader’s secret hideout, President Obama said yesterday. (By Joby Warrick and Karin Brulliard, Washington Post)

The daily cup becoming
an expensive habit

There’s a jolt hitting coffee drinkers, and it isn’t just the caffeine. The price of coffee beans is at a historic high, as droughts and heavy rain in the world’s leading coffee-producing regions limit supply, while a growing taste for coffee over tea in Asia fuels demand. (By Kathleen Pierce, Globe Correspondent)


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