April 30, 2011

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Bob Ryan's blog
Lou Gorman deserved to win a title
By Bob Ryan, Globe Columnist Lou Gorman deserved to be the guy. How much closer can a man come to building a championship team than...
Political Intelligence
Romney clarifies as he proposes to 'hang' Obama with misery index
UPDATED By Glen Johnson, Globe Staff MANCHESTER, N.H. — Expected Republican presidential contender Mitt Romney tread on socially dangerous ground tonight as he talked about...
YT: Budget Blues
House passes $30.5b budget that limits health care bargaining
After four days of deliberations that largely took place outside...
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Veterans bridle at
Fire Dept. hiring plan

For the first time, the Boston Fire Department has won state approval to hire 15 Spanish-speakers in its next class of 50 firefighters, allowing administrators to move applicants with language skills to the top of the civil service list. (By Andrew Ryan, Globe Staff)

An uncommon spectacle

They are descendants of the crown we tossed aside, a gaudy anachronism. But still the British royals exert
a strange, enduring power — especially when they
throw a wedding with a couple billion looking on.
(By Billy Baker, Globe Staff)

Romney stands by Bay State health law

Mitt Romney offered a tepid defense of the Massachusetts health care law, suggesting to an audience last night at the Granite State’s first forum of the 2012 presidential campaign that he would sign it again if given the chance. (By Matt Viser, Globe Staff)

John Paul set to join the ‘blessed’

The beatification of Pope John Paul II is a historic moment for the church, and one seen by Catholics in New England through the prism of their relationship with a church that he, as much as anyone in the 20th century, helped shape. (By Lisa Wangsness, Globe Staff)


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