April 16, 2011

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Bob Ryan's blog
Lou Gorman deserved to win a title
By Bob Ryan, Globe Columnist Lou Gorman deserved to be the guy. How much closer can a man come to building a championship team than...
Political Intelligence
White House launches "Taxpayer Receipt" site
By Theo Emery, Globe Staff Amid rancorous debate in Congress over spending and taxes, the White House flipped the switch today on an online system...
YT: Budget Blues
Arlington override vote likely to take place June 7
By Brock Parker, Town Correspondent Arlington selectmen Monday approved a...
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After 4 decades, a break
in ghastly murder case

Yesterday, authorities charged three men in connection with a Tewksbury teen’s death in 1969. Pressed by authorities who never let the case drop, one of three men, according to the police report, finally admitted his role in the crime and named the two others.
(By Peter Schworm and Travis Andersen, Globe Staff)

Child nutrition program faces cuts

Governor Deval Patrick and state lawmakers are proposing to slash more than 20 percent of state money from a decades-old program that helps thousands of low-income mothers afford formula and other basic foods for their children. (By David Abel, Globe Staff)

WGBH changes sting public radio rival

It appears thousands of listeners are leaving WBUR and tuning into WGBH, which last year replaced music programs with news and talk shows very much like WBUR’s. (By Johnny Diaz, Globe Staff)

Khadafy using heavy
weapons on civilians

Military forces loyal to Moammar Khadafy have been firing into neighborhoods with cluster bombs banned by much of the world and ground-to-ground rockets — according to witnesses and survivors, as well as physical evidence. (By C. J. Chivers, New York Times)

A distant catastrophe
hits home for car buyers

Local auto dealers say they are bracing for a shortage of Japanese-made vehicles and components in coming months as Japan recovers from a deadly March earthquake and tsunami. (By Erin Ailworth, Globe Staff)


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