February 24, 2011

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Bob Ryan's blog
Super Bowl host city shouldn't leave you cold
The verdict is unanimous. No Super Bowl should be in anything other than a drop-dead warm weather locale. Or New Orleans. People come for...
Political Intelligence
Cantor heads to Harvard to outline economic vision
By Glen Johnson, Globe Staff House Majority Leader Eric Cantor is heading north of the Mason-Dixon Line tonight to visit the liberal environs of Harvard...
YT: Budget Blues
East Bridgewater surprises some by voting for two property tax hikes
Many are hailing last Saturday's East Bridgewater votes for tax...
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Obama rejects
Defense of Marriage Act

The Obama administration delivered an unexpected victory to gay-rights activists yesterday, declaring that a law prohibiting federal recognition of same-sex marriages is unconstitutional and discriminatory and that Department of Justice lawyers will no longer defend it in court. (By Donovan Slack and Michael Levenson, Globe Staff)

Rebels gain as Khadafy digs in

Moammar Khadafy tightened his grip on Libya’s capital, Tripoli, flooding the streets with militiamen and loyalist troops. Rebels consolidated their control of key eastern cities and continued advancing west across the coastal strip, where most of the country’s population is clustered. (By Leila Fadel and Sudarsan Raghavan, Washington Post)

Rising oil prices could slow recovery

Violence in Libya and spreading turmoil in the Middle East briefly drove oil prices past $100 a barrel in trading yesterday, leading to forecasts of a spike in gasoline prices and new worries for consumers and the still-struggling economy. (By Megan Woolhouse, Globe Staff)

For filmmaker, telling story
of terror victims is personal

Framingham native Carie Lemack is the executive producer of the Oscar-nominated “Killing in the Name,” a 39-minute documentary about Ashraf al-Khaled, a Jordanian Muslim whose 2005 wedding in Amman was bombed by an Al Qaeda suicide terrorist. Lemack’s mother, Judy Larocque, died on Flight 11 during the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. (By Linda Matchan, Globe Staff)

Measles case leads to mass vaccinations

Nurses vaccinated about 80 workers in a Back Bay office building yesterday, as Boston disease trackers moved to contain the potential spread of measles after an employee at the French consulate fell ill this month with the highly infectious germ. (By Stephen Smith, Globe Staff)


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