January 25, 2011

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Cutler had them all atwitter
Maybe it wouldn't have made any difference. It may be too late for Jay Cutler to alter his public image. But he could have...
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Romney up in (another) new poll
By Matt Viser, Globe Staff WASHINGTON Former Governor Mitt Romney leads in yet another national poll, with 24 percent of likely Republican primary...
YT: Budget Blues
Governor Patrick calls for 7-percent cut in non-school aid
By Martin Finucane, Globe Staff Governor Deval Patrick says...
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2 big health
plans may merge

The state’s second- and third-largest health plans, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care and Tufts Health Plan, are set to tell their employees that they are exploring a merger that would reshape the region’s health insurance landscape. (By Robert Weisman and Kay Lazar, Globe Staff)

Arctic blast leaves many frozen in place

The coldest weather to strike Boston in six years wreaked havoc on commuters yesterday, freezing car batteries across the region and leaving thousands shivering in the bitter cold on exposed platforms as they waited for MBTA trains that either broke down or were stalled behind those that did. (By Eric Moskowitz, Globe Staff)

Cold pushes life to the extremes

Things change when it is minus 20 Fahrenheit. That was clear early yesterday in the Central Massachusetts town of Athol, 35 miles northwest of Worcester. With an overnight low of minus 22, Athol was at ground less-than-zero of the boreal blast that blew in from Canada. (By David Filipov, Globe Staff)

City draws Cambridge
drug firm to Fan Pier

In one of the largest office deals in recent Boston history, drug maker Vertex Pharmaceuticals Inc. will move into two new buildings in the Seaport District, catapulting the city’s effort to transform the waterfront into a neighborhood of technology companies, academic institutions, and medical firms. (By Casey Ross, Globe Staff)

Complaints grow from fed-up fliers

With airlines filling planes to capacity and canceled flights on the rise, passengers increasingly are expressing their dissatisfaction to federal authorities. (By Katie Johnston Chase, Globe Staff)


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