December 30, 2010

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Bob Ryan's blog
Major loss
You meet a lot of people in this business in the course of 42 years. Meanwhile, I try to be judicious in the use...
Political Intelligence
Brown plans mini book tour of Mass.
By Donovan Slack, Globe Staff Senator Scott Brown is planning a mini-tour of Massachusetts in February to coincide with the release of his first book,...
YT: Budget Blues
Melrose mayor may get 4.5 percent raise
The Melrose Board of Aldermen on Dec. 6 will consider...
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DA not notified
of parole hearing

State public safety officials acknowledged yesterday that the Parole Board failed to notify Middlesex County prosecutors of the 2008 hearing that prompted the panel to free Dominic Cinelli, who authorities say killed a Woburn police officer after a department store holdup during Sunday’s blizzard. (By Jonathan Saltzman and Milton Valencia, Globe Staff)

No easy fix found for bullying

With Massachusetts schools facing a deadline to address the problem of bullying in schools, remedies have proven elusive, but awareness and resolve may offer promise. (By Sarah Schweitzer, Globe Staff)

State sets tougher limits on emissions

Governor Deval Patrick’s administration set an ambitious limit yesterday on statewide greenhouse gas emissions to be achieved by 2020, through a suite of new and existing policies that balance energy efficiency and reduced fossil fuel use with cost savings. (By Carolyn Y. Johnson, Globe Staff)

Big lenders cut foreclosures
in Mass. by 40 percent in Nov.

Hundreds of Massachusetts borrowers behind on their mortgages were spared the loss of their homes in November as major lenders conducted 40 percent fewer foreclosures because of growing concerns about their business practices. (By Jenifer B. McKim, Globe Staff)

Pioneer organ donor dies

Ronald Herrick donated a kidney to his twin, Richard, 56 years ago in the first successful human organ transplant that resulted in long-term survival. Ronald died Monday in the Augusta Rehabilitation Center in Augusta, Maine, where he was recuperating from heart surgery in October. (By Bryan Marquard, Globe Staff)


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