December 21, 2010

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Bob Ryan's blog
Major loss
You meet a lot of people in this business in the course of 42 years. Meanwhile, I try to be judicious in the use...
Political Intelligence
Scott Brown to support New START treaty
By Mark Arsenault and Matt Viser, Globe Staff WASHINGTON -- Senator John F. Kerry, laboring to achieve a foreign policy victory that would be...
YT: Budget Blues
Melrose mayor may get 4.5 percent raise
The Melrose Board of Aldermen on Dec. 6 will consider...
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Teachers would tie
own rating to MCAS

The state’s largest teachers’ union, embracing a concept shunned by many educators, plans to offer a proposal today to use student test scores to help judge which teachers deserve promotions and which ones should be fired. (By Noah Bierman, Globe Staff)

The young hear call to charity

They looked at the world around them and decided they could improve it. They gave of their time. They made things happen. (By David Filipov, Globe Staff)

After 4 decades, Harvard
opens door to ROTC

Harvard University will welcome ROTC back to campus now that Congress has repealed a ban on gays and lesbians serving openly in the military, university president Drew Faust said. (By Tracy Jan, Globe Staff)

Brown joins Kerry to back treaty

Senator John F. Kerry, laboring to achieve a foreign policy victory that would be a highlight of his career, gained crucial support for a nuclear arms control treaty with Russia from his Republican counterpart, Senator Scott Brown. (By Mark Arsenault and Matt Viser, Globe Staff)

Cigarette verdict may be felt across US

The family of Marie Evans, who died of lung cancer in 2002 more than 40 years after she was induced to smoke Newport cigarettes as a teenager, won an individual lawsuit last week against Lorillard Inc., but the case has exposed an industrywide marketing strategy that began a half-century ago to promote cigarettes to youngsters. (By Milton J. Valencia and Jonathan Saltzman, Globe Staff)


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