December 8, 2010

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Bob Ryan's blog
Major loss
You meet a lot of people in this business in the course of 42 years. Meanwhile, I try to be judicious in the use...
Political Intelligence
Kerry's statement on the death of Elizabeth Edwards
Elizabeth Edwards, wife of former senator and presidential candidate John Edwards, died this morning after a long battle with cancer at 61. The lawyer, author...
YT: Budget Blues
Melrose mayor may get 4.5 percent raise
The Melrose Board of Aldermen on Dec. 6 will consider...
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Madoff client
to return $625m

Nearly two years after Bernard Madoff’s swindle became public, one of his clients and friends, philanthropist Carl J. Shapiro, has agreed to return $625 million that Madoff stole from other people and paid to him over four decades. (By Beth Healy and Todd Wallack, Globe Staff)

Obama chides Democrats,
calls tax deal unavoidable

Seeking to stem a full-scale rebellion within his party, President Obama said yesterday that he had no choice other than to negotiate a tax deal with Republicans, and he lashed out at “purists’’ in his own party who have castigated him for capitulating to GOP demands. (By Matt Viser and Mark Arsenault, Globe Staff)

Benefits across the income spectrum

Under a compromise reached between President Obama and Republican leaders, middle-class households would keep tax breaks that save the typical family $3,000 a year, while also enjoying a cut in payroll taxes. (By Megan Woolhouse and Katie Johnston Chase, Globe Staff)

Pick a video game . . .
and a family identity

The choice of a gaming system will influence the kind of games played in that home for years.
(By Beth Teitell, Globe Staff)

Cancer fight ends for
Elizabeth Edwards, 61

Elizabeth Edwards, the accomplished lawyer, mother of four, and wife of ex-senator John Edwards who struggled with incurable cancer, died yesterday at 61.
(By Robert D. McFadden, New York Times)


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