October 7, 2010

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Bob Ryan's blog
The King and The Babe, forever aligned
I don't really know that I honestly think there is some cosmic significance to the awesome fact that the greatest of all American 20th century...
Political Intelligence
Vermont State Senate candidate Peter Galbraith to receive millions for financial stake in Iraqi oil field
By Farah Stockman, Globe Staff WASHINGTON -- UPDATED, 5:45 p.m. Peter Galbraith, a former US diplomat who is running for state senate in Vermont,...
YT: Budget Blues
Duxbury property owners protest proposed "betterment" tax
By Christine Legere, Globe Correspondent Duxbury property owners in the...
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Boston may close 6 schools

Boston Superintendent Carol R. Johnson recommended yesterday the closing of six schools plagued by low academic achievement, including three high schools in Hyde Park, her biggest pitch to shake up the school district since fall 2008. (By James Vaznis, Globe Staff)

Auditor candidate claimed
two property tax exemptions

Susanne M. Bump, the Democratic nominee for state auditor, and her husband received tax exemptions on their home in Great Barrington and on their condo in South Boston, even though, according to state officials, they are only entitled to one. (By Stefanie Geisler and Walter V. Robinson, Globe Correspondents)

Deadly bacteria’s foothold spurs study

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health intends in coming weeks to survey hospitals to gauge the incidence of the genetic cousin of NDM-1 bacterium, which has been spreading for several years in US hospitals. (By Stephen Smith, Globe Staff)

Donor names stay secret
as nonprofits politick

Nonprofits do not have to reveal their contributors and that exemption from traditional bounds of reporting requirements makes it virtually impossible to determine who is funding the group, and why. Yet these groups could determine the balance of power in the House and Senate. (By Matt Viser, Globe Staff)

Certificates say chief medical
examiner did full fellowship

Mass. public safety officials released documents yesterday that indicate the state’s chief medical examiner completed a two-year fellowship in forensic pathology in 1997, contradicting an accusation by a former top official that Dr. Henry M. Nields never finished the program. (By Jonathan Saltzman, Globe Staff)


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