August 28, 2010

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Bob Ryan's blog
The King and The Babe, forever aligned
I don't really know that I honestly think there is some cosmic significance to the awesome fact that the greatest of all American 20th century...
Political Intelligence
Obama golfs with Bloomberg, discusses the economy
By Mark Arsenault, Globe Staff EDGARTOWN -- After a six mile bike ride with his famliy this morning, President Obama is back on the links...
YT: Budget Blues
Baptist church is closed, but it gets a tax bill
By Christine Legere, Globe Correspondent The town of Whitman has...
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Economy slows;
a 2d slump is feared

Ben S. Bernanke, the Federal Reserve chairman, said yesterday that he is prepared to act to prop up the economy, following a government report that economic growth in the second quarter was much slower than previously estimated. (By Erin Ailworth, Boston Globe)

Salvation Army cuts ties with United Way

A simmering battle between two leading nonprofit organizations erupted publicly yesterday when the Salvation Army of Massachusetts abruptly severed ties with United Way of Massachusetts Bay and Merrimack Valley, ending a 70-year relationship.
(By Megan Woolhouse, Boston Globe)

Running hard against
the Scott Brown effect

Democratic US Representative James McGovern faces a tough reelection bid in the Third District, which voted overwhelmingly for Scott Brown in January.
(By Donovan Slack, Boston Globe)

Fridays, fabulous — and free

A Newton-based foundation has made good times in a tough economy a lot easier to afford by underwriting the price of admission at museums and other venues throughout the summer. (By David Abel, Boston Globe)


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