August 13, 2010

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Bob Ryan's blog
Bad anniversary for baseball, even worse for the Expos
August 12 is a very bad anniversary in the history of baseball, for it was on Aug. 12, 1994 when the lights went out on...
Political Intelligence
House approves $26 billion bill
By Matt Viser, Globe Staff WASHINGTON House lawmakers today scurried back to Capitol Hill -- booking last-minute flights and canceling appearances at town...
YT: Budget Blues
14 communities save more than $30m in health costs
By Sean P. Murphy, Globe Staff | August 3, 2010...
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Patients’ files
left at public dump

Four Massachusetts community hospitals are investigating how thousands of patient health records, some containing Social Security numbers and sensitive medical diagnoses, ended up in a pile at a public dump. (By Liz Kowalczyk, Globe Staff)

Watch out, it’s everywhere

An unusually moist spring and a hot summer have conspired to produce a particularly abundant crop of poison ivy this year, leaving more Massachusetts residents than usual scratching their skin raw.
(By Patrick G. Lee, Globe Staff)

Cambridge health group seeks partner

Financially struggling Cambridge Health Alliance — which runs Cambridge Hospital, Somerville Hospital, and Whidden Memorial Hospital in Everett — is seeking a buyer or an affiliation with another Boston area health care provider. (By Robert Weisman, Globe Staff)

With layoffs, room for creativity

Rather than let the “empty-desk syndrome’’ serve as a daily reminder of laid-off colleagues and days of bigger profits gone by, some companies are subletting part of their space to another firm, or moving in with another company. (By Katie Johnston Chase, Globe Staff)


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