June 2, 2010

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Bob Ryan's blog
One more reason why this is a great team
In one sense, the 2009-2010 Celtics have done something no Celtic team has ever done. Not that they are used to being positioned as a...
Political Intelligence
Delahunt releases statement on flotilla raid after meeting with Turkish president
Representative William Delahunt met with Turkish President Abdullah Gul today in Ankara following Israelís raid of an aid flotilla headed for Gaza that left nine...
YT: Budget Blues
Newton resident launches blog on wasteful spending
Fed up with the reports of wasteful spending she's reading...
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With flier, police try
to ‘shame’ gang

Boston Police Commissioner Edward F. Davis said yesterday that his department’s release Monday of a flier showing photos of 10 unidentified young men was designed to shame them for allegedly belonging to a street gang, one he blamed for the slaying of 14-year-old Nicholas Fomby-Davis. (By Jonathan Saltzman, Globe Staff)

Case details underscore city’s plight

With Nicholas Fomby-Davis’s killing, the second time in a month a 14-year-old has been shot to death in Boston, city officials face a daunting task as they try to break the hold of street gangs before the violent months of summer begin. (By Maria Cramer and Brian Ballou, Globe Staff)

In backlash, Israel allies, foes
call for easing Gaza blockade

Israel’s botched and deadly commando raid on an aid flotilla has set off widespread international criticism of the Gaza blockade, with popular opinion in many countries swinging heavily against Israel.
(By Janine Zacharia, Washington Post)

Spill may cut into N.E. bluefin catch

As oil gushes up from the seabed, scientists are studying whether bluefin larvae will survive the leak. The answer could have consequences for the region.
(By Beth Daley, Globe Staff)

Fire union chief could
face toughest fight today

Edward Kelly will be pushing for approval of an arbitration award that grants firefighters five raises over the past four years, a period that saw the biggest economic collapse since the Great Depression.
(By Andrew Ryan, Globe Staff)





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