April 24, 2010

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Our love-hate relationship with taxes
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Bob Ryan's blog
Fines not fine with Mrs. Doc
MIAMI -- The subject of Rasheed Wallace and the $100,000 in fines he has amassed this season came up this morning. "Rasheed's a one-man Hedge...
Political Intelligence
Scott Brown would back Mitt Romney if he runs in 2012
By Martin Finucane, Globe StaffMassachusetts Republican Senator Scott Brown said this morning that he was ruling out a presidential run in 2012 and that...
YT: Budget Blues
You can search the state budget with this tool
Just in time for Beacon Hillís annual budget debate, a...
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Flooding was state’s costliest disaster

State residents have already received more than $35 million in federal aid for damage caused by last month’s floods, making the record rains the most expensive natural disaster ever to hit individuals and businesses in Massachusetts. (By David Abel, Globe Staff)

On CatholicTV, new devotion to outreach

Within the next five years, CatholicTV’s leaders want their network to be available across America. This week, they signed a deal with Comcast that marks a first step toward that goal, the opportunity to pitch local Comcast service providers around the country for a spot in their channel lineup. (By Lisa Wangsness, Globe Staff)

An ache at the core of old Oak Square

Oak Square once had it all, a village with small-town amenities tucked in a corner of Brighton. But it lost a church, a school, and soon a library. Yet no one in the corner is giving up the fight. (By Andrew Ryan, Globe Staff)

In perfect harmony with ‘Glee’

“Glee,’’ the Fox television series about a high school glee club, has emboldened students who are tired of being seen as dorky, and bolstered music programs across the country, with students lobbying for show choirs at their own schools. (By Linda Matchan, Globe Staff)





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