April 19, 2010

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Our love-hate relationship with taxes
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Bob Ryan's blog
Gruden on ESPN is must-see TV
Have you seen those fantastically entertaining Jon Gruden sessions with the draftee QBs on ESPN? It's called "QB Camp," or something, and in it Gruden...
Political Intelligence
Brown says he would filibuster financial reform
By Matt Viser, Globe StaffWASHINGTON – Senator Scott Brown said this morning that he would join a Republican filibuster to block a package of financial...
YT: Budget Blues
You can search the state budget with this tool
Just in time for Beacon Hill’s annual budget debate, a...
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Greenway funds fall
short as costs rise

Only two years into its existence, the nonprofit conservancy that manages the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway does not have enough money to complete and maintain the high-end park system, prompting its directors to appeal to the government for new taxes or other funding sources. (By Casey Ross, Globe Staff)

Minuteman reenactor’s forebear
may have started the battle

Bill Poole, a member of the Lexington Minutemen, is the direct descendant of Ebenezer Locke, a man who, according to one account, fired the musket that started the Revolutionary War. (By David Filipov, Globe Staff)
Boston Marathon - Marathon Results, Photos, and History

For some, marathon a lifelong love

In Boston and beyond, older marathoners are pushing the limits. (By Shira Springer, Globe Staff)
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Brown would join GOP
filibuster of finance bill

Senator Scott Brown said that he would join a Republican filibuster to block a package of financial overhaul bills from coming to a vote in the Senate. (By Matt Viser, Globe Staff)

From Chicago, joke’s on Hub

Boston is the sixth US city to be on the receiving end of a custom-written revue that will be performed by the six-member Chicago Second City comedy sketch team. (By Joan Anderman, Globe Staff)


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