October 26, 2016

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Our love-hate relationship with taxes


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Bob Ryan's blog
Nets jersey was never a good fit
By Bob Ryan, Globe Columnist The New Jersey Nets will play their final game in the Garden State on Monday evening when they conclude a...
Political Intelligence
Discuss the Race for Mayor with Politics Editor Jim O'Sullivan
Join Boston.com politics editor Jim O'Sullivan who will discuss the mayoral election at 2:30 p.m. Wednesday.  window.cilAsyncInit = function() {cilEmbedManager.init()};(function() {var e = document.createElement('script');e.async =...
YT: Budget Blues
Franklin voters approve tax hike for $104.5m high school
Construction on a new $104.5 million Franklin High School is...
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House ends its
corporate earmarks

Small defense companies, energy firms, and other technology start-ups throughout New England could lose tens of millions of dollars a year because of a decision by House Democrats yesterday to abruptly halt budget earmarks for companies. (By Matt Viser, Globe Staff)

One last, short stop

Fans are applauding as Nomar Garciaparra, in a sentimental turn, signs and then retires as a member of the Boston Red Sox. (By Peter Schworm, Globe Staff)
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Support grows for limiting
junk food in Mass. schools

A bill that would ban the sale of sugary drinks and junk food in school vending machines and school stores is gaining momentum in the Legislature, as Massachusetts combats a troubling rise in childhood obesity rates. (By James Vaznis, Globe Staff)

Pricey imaging pushes up health costs

In just two years, spending on MRIs, mammograms, and other imaging tests climbed by at least $214 million in Massachusetts, helping to fuel a dramatic rise in the cost of outpatient hospital care. (By Liz Kowalczyk, Globe Staff)

Ray Tye, life-saving
philanthropist, dead at 87

Ray Tye was one of Boston’s biggest philanthropists, but he didn’t much care for the title, and he was even less interested in drawing public attention to his private donations. (By Bryan Marquard, Globe Staff)


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