November 18, 2017

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Bob Ryan's blog
Nets jersey was never a good fit
By Bob Ryan, Globe Columnist The New Jersey Nets will play their final game in the Garden State on Monday evening when they conclude a...
Political Intelligence
Discuss the Race for Mayor with Politics Editor Jim O'Sullivan
Join politics editor Jim O'Sullivan who will discuss the mayoral election at 2:30 p.m. Wednesday.  window.cilAsyncInit = function() {cilEmbedManager.init()};(function() {var e = document.createElement('script');e.async =...
YT: Budget Blues
Franklin voters approve tax hike for $104.5m high school
Construction on a new $104.5 million Franklin High School is...
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Senate hopefuls
fire away in debate

The two major candidates for US Senate, Democrat Martha Coakley and Republican Scott Brown, faced off last night in their first debate of the special election, squabbling over health care, climate change, even the effectiveness of Ronald Reagan’s presidency. (By Matt Viser and Andrea Estes, Globe Staff)

Hub cancels classes
as neighbors press on

In Cambridge yesterday, parents bundled up their children and sent them along to school like on any other winter Monday, as they did in Newton and Brookline, Revere and Quincy. But even as the sun sparkled and most Boston suburbs had school as usual, Boston had a snow day. (By Peter Schworm, Globe Staff)

Strange days, late nights on Capitol Hill

While much of America is wrapping gifts and posting holiday cards, the US Senate is locked in a bitter partisan battle over health care legislation. (By Lisa Wangsness, Globe Staff)

Scalpers cloud free skating at Fenway

Tickets for the extraordinary skating opportunity at Fenway, handed out to city families as part of Boston's New Year's celebrations, were going for as much as $1,800 for four on websites such as Craigslist and eBay. (By Milton J. Valencia, Globe Staff)





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