November 13, 2009

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Swine Flu affecting your holiday plans?
Are you curtailing holiday plans due to concerns about the H1N1 flu epidemic? Or will it be festivities as usual in your household? Globe reporter Joe Kahn would like to hear from you at
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Bob Ryan's blog
The incomparable Fred Cusick
I'm not saying this simply because he's now gone, and it's customary in this society to laud the dead. I'm not saying this because...
Political Intelligence
Palin buzz grows in advance of memoir
Sarah Palin was ridiculed as the Republican vice presidential nominee, pilloried after she quit in the middle of her term as Alaska governor, and...
YT: Budget Blues
Check out your local government salaries here
The Globe's regional editions have published several stories on the...
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Alex Beam on politics

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Senate hopefuls
turn up volume

In their feistiest face-off of the race, the four Democrats vying for the US Senate clashed in a radio debate yesterday over health care, congressional earmarks, charter schools, and free speech. (By Matt Viser, Globe Staff)

A grand gift to the town
from the man you can’t see

Everyone in Townsend knew his name, but few knew the man, Albert Stone, who donated $20 million to build the town's new 17,000 square-foot library. (By Sarah Schweitzer, Globe Staff)

Patrick pushes for cameras
to catch red-light violators

Governor Deval Patrick is advancing a plan to make Massachusetts the 25th state to let cameras play traffic officer at red lights, an enforcement measure that many police chiefs and mayors have been seeking for years. (By Noah Bierman, Globe Staff)

Swine flu kills 540
children, CDC estimates

Swine flu has killed at least 540 children nationally since emerging in the United States in April, according to federal estimates released yesterday that provide compelling evidence that the novel virus is making more young people seriously ill than typical seasonal strains. (By Stephen Smith, Globe Staff)

Kerry’s green side takes center stage

When John F. Kerry arrives in Copenhagen next month for international climate talks, the world will see a less familiar but perhaps more ardent side of the Massachusetts senator: the green Kerry. (By Beth Daley, Globe Staff)





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