October 29, 2009

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Do-it-yourself haunted houses
On Halloween, do you transform your home into a Haunted House, inviting trick-or-treaters to step inside if they dare? Globe reporter Joe Kahn would like to hear from you.
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Bob Ryan's blog
The incomparable Fred Cusick
I'm not saying this simply because he's now gone, and it's customary in this society to laud the dead. I'm not saying this because...
Political Intelligence
Kerry calls for clarity on Afghan president brother's role
Senator John F. Kerry, a key player in the Afghanistan debate, responded this afternoon to a New York Times report that Ahmed Wali Karzai, the...
YT: Budget Blues
Will taxpayers come to the rescue of anti-tax group?
By Jeff Jacoby, Globe Columnist | October 25, 2009 TIME...
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Alex Beam on politics
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Guard hailed as a hero

A few days ago, he was an anonymous security guard. Now, Paul Langone is being cast as the hero in the frantic stabbing Tuesday at a Massachusetts General Hospital clinic, the lone figure who came to a doctor's aid and perhaps saved her life. (By Peter Schworm and Stephanie Ebbert, Globe Staff)

United in loss, 9/11 families
are divided on Afghan war

Just as the proposal to send more troops to Afghanistan has divided Washington and the country, the loved ones of the victims of Sept. 11 react in different ways despite their common bond of sudden, terrible tragedy. (By Brian MacQuarrie, Globe Staff)

Nurses may join big union

Unionized nurses in Massachusetts are moving toward affiliating with their counterparts in California and more than 20 other states to create the largest nurses union in US history. (By Robert Weisman, Globe Staff)

Democratic Senate
hopefuls split on PAC funds

With few notable policy distinctions among the candidates, the question of whether to accept money from political action committees and lobbyists divides the field in the US Senate Democratic primary. (By Matt Viser and Andrea Estes, Globe Staff)

Art house cinema part
of Boston's scene again

The Stuart Street Playhouse reopens as a movie theater tomorrow and Boston gets its first art house cinema in years. (By Ty Burr, Globe Staff)





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