September 4, 2009

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Stretch run
It's pretty evident the Red Sox aren't going to make this easy. They should get this Wild Card thing done, but it's unlikely to...
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Back-to-school speech becomes political
Here's the latest exhibit on how polarized the country is and how much distrust exists of President Obama. He plans what seems like a simple...
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Local option taxes weighed throughout the region
Some area communities with the most to gain from new taxes on restaurant meals and hotel rooms donít appear to be in a hurry to...


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Medical grants
a boon for Mass.

Massachusetts biomedical researchers are seeing a windfall from federal stimulus money, with the state receiving more in grants from the National Institutes of Health than all others but California. (By Carolyn Y. Johnson and Robert Weisman, Globe Staff)

Welcome to the library.
Say goodbye to the books.

There are rolling hills and ivy-covered brick buildings. There are small classrooms, high-tech labs, and well-manicured fields. There’s even a clock tower with a massive bell that rings for special events. (By David Abel, Globe Staff)

City sold hundreds of lots at big discount

Mayor Thomas M. Menino of Boston has signed off on the sale of hundreds of city-owned lots at a fraction of their assessed value in an effort to get them back on the tax rolls, but the way City Hall doled out the land often has not involved competitive public bidding and is now drawing sharp criticism from one of Menino's challengers in the mayor's race. (By Donovan Slack, Globe Staff)

Clunkers' afterlife

It's the beginning of a lesser-known phase of the $3 billion cash for clunkers program, which ended last week with nearly 700,000 gas guzzlers traded nationwide for more fuel-efficient vehicles. It is the dawn of the clunkers' afterlife, particularly for their components and frames, which have begun flooding the used parts and scrap-recycling markets with more than 100 million tons of steel, batteries, and tires, among other things. (By David Abel, Globe Staff)

Obama to stress common
ground in health speech

As President Obama prepares to deliver a make-or-break address on health care to a joint session of Congress next week, he is expected to turn the focus away from controversial issues such as the 'public option' plan and toward key areas of bipartisan agreement, including enabling anyone to buy insurance regardless of preexisting conditions, according to White House and congressional officials. (By Michael Kranish, Globe Staff)





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