August 26, 2009

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Bob Ryan's blog
So long, Leon
Are you as bummed out by this as I am? Leon Powe has been signed by the Cavaliers. Stupid me. I had held out...
Political Intelligence
Joint Chiefs chairman says US 'starting over' in Afghanistan
By Bryan Bender, Globe Staff The nation's top military officer, in a deeply pessimistic assessment of the war in Afghanistan, said today that due to...
Override Central
Local option taxes weighed throughout the region
Some area communities with the most to gain from new taxes on restaurant meals and hotel rooms donít appear to be in a hurry to...


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Kennedy dead at 77

Senator Edward M. Kennedy, who carried the torch of a Massachusetts dynasty, but whose personal and political failings may have prevented him from becoming president, died at his home in Hyannis Port last night after a battle with brain cancer.
(By Martin F. Nolan, Globe Correspondent)

Home prices, sales on rise in Boston area

Home prices increased for three straight months, and the number of houses selling is up sharply, suggesting that the long housing slump is over. (By Chris Reidy and Katie Johnston Chase, Globe Staff)
Survey Has the Mass. housing market hit bottom?

US inspects Boston's
language instruction

The US Department of Justice has launched an inquiry into Boston's failure to provide necessary language instruction to students who speak limited English.
(By James Vaznis, Globe Staff)

In protesting the president, civility rules

On Martha’s Vineyard, where President Obama is in the midst of a low-key weeklong vacation, the protests are calibrated at a much lower volume than what George W. Bush experienced. (By Matt Viser, Globe Staff)

Top officer offers a dire
assessment on Afghanistan

Navy Admiral Mike Mullen, said yesterday that due to years of neglect the US is basically "starting over" in its battle against the Taliban and Al Qaeda in Afghanistan. (By Bryan Bender, Globe Staff)





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