August 14, 2009

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Bob Ryan's blog
So long, Leon
Are you as bummed out by this as I am? Leon Powe has been signed by the Cavaliers. Stupid me. I had held out...
Political Intelligence
Biden will attend Shriver services
With President Obama back on the road promoting health care and national parks, it will be Vice President Joe Biden who represents the White House...
Override Central
Local option taxes weighed throughout the region
Some area communities with the most to gain from new taxes on restaurant meals and hotel rooms donít appear to be in a hurry to...


Alex Beam
Boston Capital's Steve Syre
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Mass. likely to lose
seat in US House

Massachusetts almost certainly will lose one of its 10 congressional districts after next year’s census, the result of a long-term population shift that is giving Southern and Western states more political power in Washington at the expense of the Northeast, say specialists who have been poring over data in advance of the 2010 count. (By Alan Wirzbicki, Globe Correspondent)
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Senators eliminate end-of-life provision

A plan to provide hospice counseling and other end-of-life advice to patients and their families is being dropped by US Senate health care negotiators after critics charged that it would lead to the formation of federal “death panels,’’ a key GOP senator said yesterday. (By Foon Rhee, Globe Staff)

Many-voiced Jewish community

The Israeli government yesterday resolved its dispute with New England Consul General Nadav Tamir, clearing the way for him to resume his work in Boston. But he will return to a community still grappling with the lessons of the weeklong controversy surrounding him. (By James F. Smith, Globe Staff)

In N.H. city,
a hard-to-fill void after paper closes

The Claremont Eagle Times, a 175-year-old daily that covered Claremont, N.H., and Springfield, Vt., is the latest victim of a recession and advertising slump that has hurt newspapers nationwide. It's closure highlights the challenges communmities face when their only daily paper shutters (By Johnny Diaz and Jenn Abelson, Globe Staff)
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Remy's woes befall many after cancer

When the bodacious voice of the Red Sox, Jerry Remy, disclosed this week that a wave of depression had swallowed him up in the months after lung cancer surgery, it was a story that rang with sad familiarity to psychologists. (By Stephen Smith, Globe Staff)
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