July 9, 2009

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High-powered panel pushes immigration overhaul
Immigration took a back seat during last year's presidential campaign, when Barack Obama and John McCain generally agreed for the need for sweeping change, including...
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T riders face nearly
20 percent fare hike

Commuters who depend on public transportation could soon pay nearly 20 percent more to ride buses, trains, and trolleys under a wide-ranging fare proposal unveiled yesterday, little more than a week after the state provided an infusion of $160 million to help the state’s transit agency. (By Noah Bierman, Globe Staff)

GOP’s Baker joins chase for Patrick's job

Charles D. Baker Jr. announced yesterday that he will resign as chief executive of Harvard Pilgrim Health Care to seek the Republican nomination for governor, a move that infused more drama into an already chaotic political week and paved the way for a potentially momentous 2010 campaign. (By Andrea Estes and Matt Viser, Globe Staff)

In health bill, billions for parks, paths

Sweeping healthcare legislation working its way through Congress is more than an effort to provide insurance to millions of Americans without coverage. Tucked within is a provision that could provide billions of dollars for walking paths, streetlights, jungle gyms, and even farmers’ markets. (By Michael Kranish, Globe Staff)

A drug’s unintended use
restores the gift of hearing

It was the honeyed drawl of her professor that first pierced the silence enveloping Edith Garrett for an entire year, since the day she had lost her hearing. But she dismissed it, thinking she was just having a good day. That was until she was woken from her nap later that November afternoon by a racket from a neighbor’s apartment. (By Stephen Smith, Globe Staff)

Mass. is 1st to fight
US marriage law

Massachusetts, the first state to legalize gay marriage, yesterday became the first to challenge the constitutionality of a federal law that defines marriage as the union of a man and a woman, contending that Congress intruded into a matter that should be left to states. (By Nandini Jayakrishna and Jonathan Saltzman, Globe Correspondent | Globe Staff)


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