May 19, 2009

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Bob Ryan's blog
Li'l Professor
That's what they called him. He was an odd sight in his time. NOBODY wore glasses and lived to tell about it in MLB,...
Political Intelligence
Poll: Americans want moderate judge as next justice
While advocacy groups are pushing President Obama to seek diversity in his Supreme Court pick, a survey out this afternoon suggests that Americans care much...
Override Central
Wenham OK's $64,500 in spending
With a potential school override off the books because it failed in neighboring Hamilton, an underwhelming turnout of 286 of Wenham's approximately 2,700 registered voters...


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Aspiring teachers
fall short on math

Nearly three-quarters of the aspiring elementary school teachers who took the state's licensing exam this year failed the new math section, according to results being released today that focus on the subject for the first time. (By James Vaznis, Globe Staff)

Relentless player to
push for Palestinian state

Later this month, Mara Rudman, the Hyannis-bred executive secretary of President Obama's National Security Council, will be appointed chief of staff to the "dream team" that is being assembled to tackle one of Obama's most ambitious foreign policy goals: the creation of a Palestinian state. (By Farah Stockman, Globe Staff)
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3 gravely disabled
sisters; one fraying lifeline

Jillian, Lindsey, and Kelsey Burke were diagnosed with Sanfilippo syndrome, a rare and fatal degenerative brain disease. Now the state is poised to cut off the recreational, respite, and family support services that have kept the Burke family afloat. (By Bella English, Globe Staff)

Bus driver too lax, and
rider's video shows all

The video is almost boring on one level: 10 minutes of a guy tearing paper bus tickets, yawning, and at one point, fiddling with his cellphone. But the unwitting star is a Peter Pan bus driver and the auteur is a worried passenger, filming it all on a Blackberry and then broadcasting it on YouTube. (By Noah Bierman, Globe Staff)

A wild-goose chase,
yes, but arsenal grows

Despite years of efforts to banish them, flocks of Canadian geese continue to occupy broad swaths of the Esplanade and turn the city's front lawn into a minefield of excrement. As a result, local officials are now considering more drastic methods before the molting season begins in June and the geese lose their flying feathers for several months. (By David Abel, Globe Staff)





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