May 16, 2009

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Bob Ryan's blog
Li'l Professor
That's what they called him. He was an odd sight in his time. NOBODY wore glasses and lived to tell about it in MLB,...
Political Intelligence
Obama: Yes we can, agree on major issues
President Obama declares today that, yes, we can all get along. In his weekly Internet and radio address, he says that advocates for opposing interests...
Override Central
Wenham OK's $64,500 in spending
With a potential school override off the books because it failed in neighboring Hamilton, an underwhelming turnout of 286 of Wenham's approximately 2,700 registered voters...


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GM to drop 1,100 dealers

General Motors Corp. said it wants to eliminate about 40 percent of its nearly 6,000 dealerships nationwide by the end of next year, a day after Chrysler LLC unveiled plans to close almost 800 new-car outlets. (By Erin Ailworth and Johnny Diaz, Globe Staff)

Next stop: Forever After

They're calling it The Love Train. Lauren Richey and Scott Miller will get married today at the spot where they met - in a car on the Framingham/Worcester Line of the Massachusetts Bay Commuter Railroad. (By Bella English, Globe Staff)

A Nantucket retreat

With ocean views from the mahogany deck and a winding path through scrub pines to a sparkling beach, the cottage named "Riding Western" is an island retreat that four years ago easily commanded a $2-million-plus price tag. (By Sarah Schweitzer, Globe Staff)

Obama keeps tribunals, draws ire

WASHINGTON - President Obama's decision to overhaul and restart the Bush administration's military tribunals for Guantanamo Bay terrorism detainees won support from congressional Republicans yesterday, but deepened his estrangement from the liberal activists who helped sweep him into office. (By Joseph Williams, Globe Staff)

Massport chief criticized
over dinner with contractors

Companies with large construction projects at Logan Airport paid thousands of dollars last week to attend a dinner honoring Massport chief Thomas Kinton Jr., who runs the airport, drawing criticism from other officials who viewed it as a possible conflict of interest. (By Andrea Estes, Globe Staff)





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