May 14, 2009

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Police to review
policy on rape alert

Boston police routinely post updates on their blogs about mundane arrests or thwarted crimes. Even Pack the Duckling earned a mention when he was ripped away from his bronze family in the Public Garden. (By Maria Cramer, Globe Staff)

Graduation, recession style

This year, amid the recession, many families are injecting a sobering dose of frugality into the pomp and circumstance of graduation. More moms and dads are eschewing hotels to bunk in Spartan dormitory rooms or squeezing into their children's apartments for the weekend. (By Tracy Jan, Globe Staff)

Speakers reach for
words that fit the times

Doubtless, the class of 2009 would love to work hard and change the world. But it's the largest graduating class to date, with 1.6 million members, and it's facing the worst unemployment rate in a generation. So, given the circumstances, what's a commencement speaker to do? (By Bella English, Globe Staff)

Craigslist drops erotic services ads

Craigslist, after weeks of mounting pressure from law enforcement officers nationwide, said yesterday it eliminated its erotic services section and promised to manually review every ad posted to a new adult services section it has created. (By Jenn Abelson, Globe Staff)

Quietly, Patrick keeps up a somber duty

Governor Deval Patrick has wept with a father in Swampscott and laughed along with the other congregants at the bittersweet stories told from the pulpit. Some funerals are in English, others in Spanish. They have been held in Centerville and Chicopee, in Wilmington and Woburn, in all corners of the state. (By Matt Viser and Brian C. Mooney, Globe Staff)
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