April 12, 2009

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Bob Ryan's blog
Hanging with the stars
DETROIT -- I think we can safely say that Jim Bartolotta was the only player in the Hershey's College All-Star Game with a double...
Political Intelligence
Sun Devil snub reversal? Ariz. State may give Obama a diploma after all
WASHINGTON -- Officials at Arizona State University are reportedly reconsidering their decision not to award an honarary degree to President Barack Obama, whom they invited...
Override Central
Towns may cut property tax surcharge
Distaste for taxes is leading three towns south of Boston to consider rolling back the property tax surcharge that helps pay for popular Community Preservation...


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Pirated crew safe in Kenya

With his son safe at port in Kenya, the father of a Seekonk mariner whose vessel survived a pirate siege called it the "best Easter present" he had ever received. But Joseph Murphy's joy was diminished by news that the ship's captain, Richard Phillips of Vermont, continued to be held hostage by four pirates in a lifeboat bobbing off the coast of Somalia. (Boston Globe)

A jewel in the crown loses its luster

It was dubbed, at the time, a "royal marriage." But 16 years later, with the parent company struggling, the Boston Globe bleeding cash, and the Times Co. threatening to shutter the Globe if it doesn't get union concessions, this marriage is in trouble and possibly stumbling toward an ugly split. (By Keith O'Brien and Robert Weisman, Globe Staff)
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The healing arts

A suicide attempt left a son's body broken, and his mother lost to guilt. With brush and bow, they have learned again to hope. (By Patricia Wen, Globe Staff)

Ex-lawmaker scores both a
state job, full pension check

They were just 84 words of dense, technical language buried deep in a 556-page budget bill. But each "pursuant," "shall," and "provided" was pure gold for former state representative Timothy A. Bassett. (By Sean P. Murphy, Globe Staff)


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