March 31, 2009

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Bob Ryan's blog
And your point Is?
With all due respect to our fine colleagues in the newsroom, there is a reason why sports is in a separate section. It's our...
Political Intelligence
Sebelius lowers volume on abortion
When Kathleen Sebelius faces the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee this morning, perhaps the biggest hurdle to her confirmation as secretary of health...
Override Central
Towns may cut property tax surcharge
Distaste for taxes is leading three towns south of Boston to consider rolling back the property tax surcharge that helps pay for popular Community Preservation...


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Obama steadfast
on course for autos

President Obama roiled stocks and provoked free-market critics yesterday by rebuffing carmakers' turnaround plans and imposing strict new conditions for rescuing GM and Chrysler. (By Robert Weisman, Globe Staff)
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Catch of a lifetime

Eighteen-month-old Caliah Clark survived a 30-foot plummet from a window Sunday and probably owes her life to the two men who ran to the spot below the window and caught her, one by the legs, another above the waist, and brought her, unhurt, back to her father in the apartment upstairs. (By Brian R. Ballou, Globe Staff)
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Cabbies' suit says
hybrid rule threatens work

A group of taxi drivers and medallion owners is suing the City of Boston to block the requirement that all 1,825 cabs in the city be hybrids by 2015, saying the measure could put many of them out of business. (By Jonathan Saltzman, Globe Staff)

Homeless book peddler confronts
tangled epilogue in Harvard Square

Almost Banned in Harvard Square Booksellers, a sidewalk bookstall run by a homeless man on Massachusetts Avenue, is closing today, and with it goes one more quirky piece of Harvard Square. (By Bella English, Globe Staff)
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