March 27, 2009

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Larry and Magic
Not only was I there, but I could practically touch Jud Heathcote. Had he wanted any advice during that championship game 30 years ago...
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Obama appears on Spanish-language music shows
In his continuing media blitz, President Obama used a popular Spanish-language music awards show tonight to reach out to Hispanics. "Buenas noches. I want to...
Override Central
Towns may cut property tax surcharge
Distaste for taxes is leading three towns south of Boston to consider rolling back the property tax surcharge that helps pay for popular Community Preservation...


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More troops, advisers
to Afghanistan

President Obama plans today to unveil his long-awaited new strategy for Afghanistan, which calls for sending as many as 4,000 more troops to train and advise the Afghan military along with hundreds more civilian advisers to help the Afghan government. (By Farah Stockman and Bryan Bender, Globe Staff)

US expands inquiry into DiMasi friends

Federal investigators have broadened their inquiry into the business dealings of friends of former House speaker Salvatore F. DiMasi, reviewing a $1.4 million state contract awarded to a company co-owned by Richard Vitale to manage a signature state building in downtown Boston, according to two officials. (By Andrea Estes, Globe Staff)

Risks grow with spread
of illegal apartments

When fire ravaged an illegal apartment in Quincy on Wednesday, killing a man and his two little boys, the news sent a shiver through cities and towns across Massachusetts. Firefighters and city officials knew it could have happened anywhere. (By Maria Sacchetti, Globe Staff)

T bus trainees can now fake the wheel

The most notable obstacles from the driver's seat of this rumbling MBTA bus are the taxicabs - so many of them, each more frenetic than the one before, all steered by fearless drivers darting across lanes with nary a worry in the world. (By Noah Bierman, Globe Staff)

Summertime could see
fewer happy campers

As the ice melts on New England lakes and summer camps shake off their winter coats, another sound can be heard along with the usual hammering, scraping, and sawing: families discussing, sometimes painfully, whether they can afford to send their children to camp this year - and camp directors asking themselves whether they will fill those lakeside bunks. (By Joseph P. Kahn, Globe Staff)





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