March 12, 2009

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Young people shunning technology?
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Bob Ryan's blog
Bad times in Chicago
This is not a good time for basketball fans of a certain age in Chicago. Or for any sports fan out there, really. It's...
Political Intelligence
Law enforcement worried about Somalis
By Bryan Bender and Shelley Murphy, Globe Staff WASHINGTON -- A Somali-American community leader warned a US Senate panel today that Boston may be among...
Override Central
Carver seeking its first override in 25 years
Saying the town's schools are on a budget path to disaster, Carver school officials are asking residents to do what they haven't done in 25...


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State deficit may
hit $1b again

As tax revenue continues to dwindle, Beacon Hill leaders are confronting an additional budget gap of as much as $1 billion this year, forcing lawmakers to choose between deep spending cuts and broad-based tax increases. (By Frank Phillips, Globe Staff)

Report blasts city firetruck maintenance

The Boston Fire Department for years has taken a "loosey-goosey approach" to "virtually all areas of fleet management," failing to perform adequate maintenance on firetrucks, keeping shoddy records of repairs, and relying on poorly trained maintenance crews, a consultant's review said. (By Donovan Slack, Globe Staff)

Sick flocking to in-store clinics

In a state renowned for its elite teaching hospitals and high- technology medicine, the McDonald's of medicine is thriving. Six months after the first CVS MinuteClinics opened in the state, thousands have visited the in-store clinics for treatment of sore throats, bronchitis, and the flu. (By Liz Kowalczyk, Globe Staff)

Plastic or paper? Maybe neither

Environmental officials and the owners of hundreds of supermarkets throughout the state are expected to sign an agreement today to reduce by a third the plastic and paper bags the grocers distribute in Massachusetts. (By David Abel, Globe Staff)

Security officials warn
of Somali recruiting

A Somali-American community leader warned a Senate panel that Boston may be among a half dozen cities where youths are being recruited to travel to Somalia to fight alongside a radical Islamic group with links to Al Qaeda. (By Bryan Bender and Shelley Murphy, Globe Staff)


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