March 7, 2009

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Young people shunning technology?
Do you know anyone under 30 who is shunning the digital age, forgoing things like BlackBerries, iPods, Facebook, and the like? If so, please contact Bella English at 617-929-8770 or
Sacrifices for Lent
What are you forgoing for Lent this year? Did the uncertain state of the world contribute to your decision? Please contact Globe reporter Scott Helman at
Curious Jobs
What are the quirky, odd, or just plain interesting jobs in Massachusetts? Tell us about someone whose job makes you envious, inspired, or perplexed.
Miss Conduct
Have a quandary? Share it, and your question and Miss Conduct's answer may appear in an issue of the Globe Magazine. Submit a question.

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Bob Ryan's blog
Bad times in Chicago
This is not a good time for basketball fans of a certain age in Chicago. Or for any sports fan out there, really. It's...
Political Intelligence
Obama: Bold action key to recovery
An increasing number of cable TV talking heads and analysts are warning President Obama that he's trying to do too much all at once. With...
Override Central
Hingham may get higher taxes and lower spending
By Christine Legere, Globe Correspondent Hingham residents could get the worst of both worlds next year - higher taxes and lower spending. Town Accountant Ted...


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Alex Beam
Boston Capital's Steve Syre
political trail
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Obama to reverse
stem cell limits

President Obama plans to sign an executive order on Monday overturning his predecessor's restrictions on stem cell research. (By Carolyn Y. Johnson and Joseph Williams, Globe Staff)

Consumers who could
lift market not ready to buy

Many potential buyers in Massachusetts and the nation, who sellers and economists believe could purchase a home, are not quite willing. (By Robert Gavin, Globe Staff)

As banks falter, more
critics call for receivership

A growing chorus of economists, former top government officials, and analysts is calling on the Obama administration to put failing institutions into federal receivership. (By Michael Kranish, Globe Staff)

Glitzy video slots seen
as particular addiction risk

Among addiction specialists, video slot machines have come to be known as the "crack cocaine" of the gambling industry. (By Carey Goldberg, Globe Staff)

Catch the fallen stars

Local band The Click Five got off to a meteoric start in 2005, but quickly fell back to earth. Now, they're starting over - at Cambridge's Lizard Lounge. (By Joan Anderman, Globe Staff)





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