February 16, 2009

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Bob Ryan's blog
How 'bout dem Eagles?
Harvard 82, Boston College 70 Go ahead. Find a weirder result in all of Division 1 for the entire 2008-09 season It came only...
Political Intelligence
Obama praises stimulus, looks forward
Not a shocker, but President Obama keeps his focus in his weekly radio/video address today on the economic recovery package headed to his desk. He...
Override Central
Suburbs north of Boston begin layoffs
By John Laidler, Globe Correspondent Cities and towns north of Boston are beginning to shed municipal jobs and services as they struggle to stay afloat...


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Chapter 2: The Youngest Brother

Turbulence and tragedies
eclipse early triumphs

Ted Kennedy had been entrusted with overseeing 13 western states for his brother's 1960 presidential campaign. It was a tough assignment, since many of the states were Republican strongholds. In the end, he failed to deliver all but three of them. (By Neil Swidey, Boston Globe)
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Speedy recovery is called unlikely

As President Obama prepares to sign the unprecedented $787 billion stimulus bill aimed at rescuing the US economy, his aides yesterday dampened expectations that the legislation would quickly halt the nation's worsening unemployment and ease foreclosure rates. (By Farah Stockman, Globe Staff)

Downturn spurs some
foundations to give more

At a time when most foundations are cutting back or maintaining last year's spending, a few are doing what hedge fund manager Ken Nickerson of the Eos Foundation calls "counter-cyclical giving." They're increasing their grants. (By Irene Sege, Globe Staff)

When police park at HQ,
regular rules do not apply

Violators who use the 11 handicapped-designated spaces in front of Boston Police headquarters are immune from any sanctions - or even a sidelong glance from the scores of police officers who enter and leave the building every day, according to Globe observations over the past two months. (By Colby Cremins and Emily K. Williams, Globe Correspondents)

Seafarers' city ponders heading

As Maine's largest city weathers the blows of a deep recession, the port that inspired its name has suffered the worst, and Portlanders are taking a hard look at how to preserve their city's heritage. (By David Filipov, Globe Staff)


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