February 1, 2009

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Updike the Incomparable
John Updike was not a sportswriter. He was a novelist, poet, short story writer, essayist, critic, man of letters and a raging intellectual. But...
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NH pols discussing Bonnie Newman as possible Gregg stand-in
A new name is circulating among New Hampshire politicians as a likely pick to replace US Senator Judd Gregg if he is appointed Commerce Secretary:...
Override Central
Is a $288 tax increase too much for Milton?
Town officials in Milton may be feeling a little like Goldilocks as they go through the process of deciding whether to ask voters for a...


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Obama seeks assessment
on gays in military

The Obama administration is telling the Pentagon and gay-rights advocates that it will have to study the implications for national security and enlist more support in Congress before trying to overturn the so-called "don't ask, don't tell" law and allow gays to serve openly in the military, according to people involved in the discussions. (By Bryan Bender, Globe Staff)

Sledding spills, and chills

With each winter snowfall not only come crowds, but the potential for injuries - like those suffered already this season in Raynham, Chelmsford, and North Reading - or worse. Within six days last month, two young girls died in sledding accidents in upstate New York. (By Keith O'Brien, Globe Staff)

Healing, interrupted

They gathered once again in Room C10 at The Goldfarb Behavioral Health Clinic in Jamaica Plain, a small windowless office where they had shared so much - Chris Jepson, the bearded state social worker, and Bruce Thiboult, the burly patient with bipolar disorder who had grown to depend on him. But now, their weekly meetings had to end. (By Patricia Wen, Globe Staff)

Remembering the victims

The garden at the Cathedral of Christ the Light in Oakland, California is the nation's first permanent memorial to abuse victims at a Catholic cathedral, and it appears to mark a new stage in the abuse crisis, as survivors and church officials debate whether and how to commemorate the victimization of more than 10,000 youngsters by more than 4,000 priests. (By Michael Paulson, Globe Staff)
Spending smart

Shopping auto insurers can really pay off

When Massachusetts last year embraced the idea of allowing competition among auto insurers, the assumption was that drivers like Barbara Rippberger, a social worker from Sharon whose family has three cars and five drivers, would pounce on the opportunity to save hundreds of dollars. And many drivers who did pounce, indeed saved. (By Geoff Edgers, Boston Globe)


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