January 11, 2009

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Ouch, talk about damning with faint praise. One of MSNBC's stable of political talk shows announced this evening that all next week will be "John...
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Walpole may seek tax hike for library
Walpole residents are likely to get a second chance this spring to replace their century-old public library. The proposal, which would boost property taxes for...


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Steering into economic headwinds

Critical choices ahead

The massive economic stimulus package that Congress will soon debate could determine whether the nation finds a path to recovery or spirals into a depression that could last years, analysts say. (By Robert Gavin, Boston Globe)

From change agent to 'comforter in chief'

His oft-repeated campaign mantra of "Together we can" meant that the people of Massachusetts could unite and accomplish great things. But when Governor Deval Patrick picked up his cellphone last week and braced a Springfield official for more bad economic news, he applied similar sentiments to a starkly different situation. (By Matt Viser and Frank Phillips, Globe Staff)

Crash survivors fault the brakes

Investigators are zeroing in on catastrophic brake failure as the cause of Friday's fatal firetruck crash based on reports from survivors who said the driver was conscious and frantically pumping the brakes to no avail as the massive ladder truck hurtled down a steep hill, through an intersection, and into a high-rise apartment building. (By Donovan Slack, Globe Staff)

At the firehouse, seeking solace

The firehouse on Huntington Avenue was a refuge yesterday not only for firefighters, but also for a community shocked by the sudden loss. The people who live and work in this neighborhood know the firefighters of the Huntington Avenue station, the firefighters who respond to countless false alarms, minor medical calls, and apartment fires. (By Megan Woolhouse and Matt Collette, Globe Correspondent)

Off the couch and into the lab

Freudian therapy rose early in the 20th century and reigned supreme for decades, dominating American psychiatry and permeating popular thinking with concepts like ego, repression, and the Oedipal complex. With the use of Freudian therapy waning, scientists are studying a basic question: Does it work? (By Carey Goldberg, Globe Staff)


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