January 5, 2009

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Bob Ryan's blog
Hardly routine
On Feb. 24, 1982 the defending champion Boston Celtics, with a 37-15 record, pounded the Utah Jazz, 132-90. Said Jazz coach Frank Layden, "We...
Political Intelligence
Obama promotes economic plan
On the cusp of arriving in the nation's capital, President-elect Barack Obama uses his weekly radio address today to again trumpet his plan to jump-start...
Override Central
Delinquent tax bills on the rise
Communities statewide are already grappling with dire predictions of drastic drops in state aid for the upcoming fiscal year as state revenues shrivel. But cities...


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Obama Cabinet
nominee pulls out

Governor Bill Richardson of New Mexico yesterday told President-elect Barack Obama that he was withdrawing as nominee to be secretary of commerce amid a federal grand jury investigation into how some of Richardson's political donors won $1.5 million in state contracts. (By Sasha Issenberg, Globe Staff)
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Israelis split Gaza in two
amid calls for a cease-fire

Israeli troops and tanks, protected by heavy air, sea and artillery fire, sliced through the center of Gaza yesterday, taking control of rocket-launching areas and surrounding the main city, as their government rebuffed diplomatic efforts to end the nine-day assault. (By Ethan Bronner, New York Times)
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Church struggles to keep its voice

The leadership of the Christian Science Church, acknowledging declining membership and a series of unsuccessful ventures in recent years, is trying to calm and stabilize the small denomination and reemphasize its belief in spiritual healing. (By Michael Paulson, Globe Staff)

Jumbo mortgage loan rates
put damper on refinancing

While plunging mortgage rates have spawned a frenzy of refinancing, borrowers with larger, so-called jumbo loans are still seeing interest rates in the 7 percent range, prompting many to abandon refinancing plans altogether or resort to creative transactions. (By Jenifer B. McKim, Globe Staff)

As rich rivals cut back,
small colleges sell stability

Lesser-known colleges, which do not have the luxury of dipping into multibillion-dollar reserves, are scrambling to market themselves as affordable and sound investments. Their survival, after all, is directly tied to the number of students - and tuition dollars - they bring in. (By Tracy Jan, Globe Staff)


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