January 1, 2009

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Bob Ryan's blog
Hardly routine
On Feb. 24, 1982 the defending champion Boston Celtics, with a 37-15 record, pounded the Utah Jazz, 132-90. Said Jazz coach Frank Layden, "We...
Political Intelligence
Blagojevich indictment delayed
In the latest wrinkle in the Rod Blagojevich political soap opera, the chief federal prosecutor asked today for more time to indict the Illinois governor....
Override Central
Wellesley okays $86.6-mil for high school
Wellesley voters Tuesday overwhelmingly approved an $86.6 million debt exclusion to fund a $130 million new high school, the largest capital project in the town's...


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Police could lay off 200

The Boston Police Department could be forced to lay off as many as 200 police officers because of cuts in state funding, wiping out hiring efforts that strengthened the force after homicides hit a 10-year high in 2005, according to two officials. (By Donovan Slack and Maria Cramer, Globe Staff)

Culture note for refugees:
Happy New Year birthday

Nearly 500 Somalis living in the Boston area are turning one year older today. It is not a statistical quirk, nor a bizarre proliferation of New Year babies, but a side effect of the global crises that have driven refugees from Somalia, Laos, Bhutan, and other countries to seek haven in the United States. (By Maria Sacchetti, Globe Staff)
Spotlight follow-up

State panel to examine
payments to Partners

Governor Deval Patrick will convene a panel of top state officials Monday to look into whether a recently disclosed, eight-year-old agreement between Partners HealthCare System Inc. and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts drove up healthcare costs, making it harder to extend healthcare insurance to all residents. (By Jeffrey Krasner and Liz Kowalczyk, Boston Globe)

A final farewell to many who
graced the world's stage

"We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand." In reflecting upon his own life, Computer scientist Randy Pausch, who died in July, might have been paying tribute to other luminaries who passed from the scene in 2008, consummate hand players all. (By Joseph P. Kahn, Globe Staff)

Birth and joy midflight

A Ugandan woman gave birth to a girl aboard a flight from Amsterdam to Boston yesterday. Mother and daughter were whisked from Logan International Airport to Massachusetts General Hospital, where they were reported to be faring well. (By Michael Levenson, Globe Staff)


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