December 6, 2008

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Bob Ryan's blog
Shouldn't happen
In my column following Saturday's BC conquest of Maryland, I inadvertently referred to the superb BC linebacker as "Matt," rather than "Mark" Herzlich. Inasmuch as...
Political Intelligence
Obama in the public eye Sunday
President-elect Barack Obama, who has been laying low the last few days, plans to be out in public in high-profile appearances on Sunday. In the...
Override Central
Debt exclusion fails in Rockport
In a Nov. 25 special election, Rockport residents decided against a debt exclusion to finance the purchase of the Granite Savings Bank building on Broadway....



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Congress moves
to aid Big 3

The stunning loss of more than 500,000 American jobs last month pushed Democratic congressional leaders to say yesterday they were ready to provide a short-term rescue plan for the cash-strapped American automakers and expected to hold votes on the legislation during a special session next week. (By Robert Gavin, Globe Staff)

Border security official charged

The official in charge of keeping Massachusetts ports of entry free of illegal immigration and drug smuggling was arrested yesterday on charges that she repeatedly hired undocumented immigrants to clean her Salem condominium. (By Jonathan Saltzman, Globe Staff)

One thriving sector: The business of war

Across the nation, companies are lopping off hundreds of thousands of jobs, retailers are shuttering stores, and automakers are tottering on the edge of bankruptcy. (By Robert Weisman, Globe Staff)

Romance has rebirth in pop culture

"Twilight," the vampire romance taking the nation by storm, tells the story of Edward, a smoldering young bloodsucker who falls in love with Bella, his high school science partner. Sexual temptation abounds in the wildly popular book series and movie, but Edward, unlike most of his kind, has been equipped with a moral compass. (By Don Aucoin and Joan Anderman, Globe Staff)

Historic church damaged
by MBTA project

A controversial MBTA construction project in Copley Square has caused significant damage to Old South Church, a national historic landmark with a distinctive Roxbury puddingstone façade and a richly ornate interior. (By Michael Paulson, Globe Staff)





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